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Mathematics is an ancient study which has been fundamental to the development of society since earliest times. It involves the abstract understanding of concepts and the acquisition of computational skills. It develops an appreciation of the essential links between theory and practice insofar as to know mathematics is to be able to do mathematics and to do mathematics well one must understand what it is.

The twin values of a study of mathematics are the intrinsic educational gain, which springs from the personal satisfaction of mastering a slightly elusive piece of theory, or from solving even a moderately difficult problem, and the extensive economic utility of mathematics, which is so visible in the commercial and business world and in the great achievements of science and engineering.

The mathematics programme includes several modules in the two main branches of Pure Mathematics, namely Analysis, both Real and Complex and Algebra, both Linear and Abstract. Relevant applications of mathematical theory are included in course modules and there are introductory modules of Information Technology and Statistics.

The First Year Foundation modules, which are designed to take account of the mixed mathematical background of students, are intended to be an appropriate introduction for students who wish to study mathematics to degree level and a reasonable taste of the subject for students who wish to specialise in other subject areas.

Module Overview

Mathematics Modules
Information Technology Modules

Detailed Syllabi (B.A., B.Ed and IT electives)

First Year Maths (B.A.)
Second Year Maths (B.A.)
Final Year Maths (B.A. and B.Ed.)
B.Ed. Arts Elective (Mathematics)
Information Technology

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