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Information Technology Modules

FN4761 — Foundation Studies 1

FN4762 — Foundation Studies 2

Each of these modules, which are offered in first year B.A. (Liberal Arts), contains a 12-hour unit of Computer Skills, designed by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Studies, to ensure that students achieve basic I.T. competence at the outset of their degree programme.

The course is presented within the module FN4761 in the Autumn semester and within FN4762 in the Spring semester, through demonstration, practice and assessment. It includes an introduction to computing on the college network; use of the Microsoft Windows operating environment; use of the Virtual Learning Environment; wordprocessing, presentation and spreadsheet skills.

Elective Modules in Information Technology

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Studies also offers the following modules in Information Technology which B.A. students may wish include in their elective stream.

Semester Module
Autumn IT4733
Introduction to Information Technology
Spring IT4734
Applications of Information Tecnology
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