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Learner Support

Mathematics Support Unit at MIC

Although students have weekly tutorial classes in all modules, in which considerable assistance is provided towards the development of mathematical understanding and expertise, it has become clear that some students would benefit from additional support.  Leaving the regular tutorial provision in place and encouraging all to use the worksheets to the fullest possible extent, we have also forged links with the Learner Support Unit in the college to make provision for additional support. The MSU or Mathematics Support Unit has thus been established as a collaboration between the Department of Mathematics and Computer Studies and the LSU. Its support provision is co-ordinated by Diarmuid O'Driscoll, from whom further details may be obtained.

The Mathematics Learning Centre at UL

As a consequence of ongoing co-operation between the college and the university, especially in the context of the Shannon Consortium, we are pleased to advise that the Mathematics Learning Centre at UL is also open to students who are studying mathematics at MIC.  Those of you who happen to be living at that side of the city may find it convenient to drop in and avail of the support services.  Online support is also available, through the MLC Website, and you'll find useful material there on many topics in mathematics.

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