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Postgraduate studies at MIC


General requirements and regulations follow those set out by the University of Limerick.

While, in general, the minimum entry requirement for students who wish to pursue postgraduate studies by research and thesis is a second-class honours (grade two) at undergraduate level, it is likely that successful candidates will have a 2:1 honours degree or higher. However, the most important prerequisite is a strong interest in the subject, independent of previous academic awards.

The subject areas listed under Research Options are beyond the standard undergraduate curriculum at MIC. Nevertheless, to have studied mathematics to degree level, is a sufficient prerequisite for postgraduate studies in mathematics. This applies, for example, to MIC graduates with a B.A. degree or a B.Ed. degree.

An important part of the postgraduate research will be the deep study of a branch of modern mathematics in which, on many places in the world, front line research is currently undertaken. Therefore, many applicants will not have previously heard the relevant terminology. The basic requirement is not the knowledge of the theory in which the research problem is formulated, but that the candidate shows keen interest in mathematics and the curiosity which drives the formation of knowledge.

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